Friday, January 27, 2017

ASL - Horse, Sheep, Duck

We just learned in ASL how to say dog, cat, cow, chicken and pig.
Let's learn more animals!

horse - Put your thumb up by the side of your head with your palm facing foward, and your first two fingers up almost like ears, and then wiggle them forward like a horse's ear.
sheep - Hold your left arm out in front of you across your body, and use your first two fingers of your other hand like scissors like you are cutting the wool off of the sheep.
duck - Using your thumb and your first two fingers make them like a beak opening and closing, in front of your mouth. The two fingers can be spread out a little to show that it is a big duck's beak.

Here is a helpful video showing these signs:

Chris Wood - ASL Lessons: Animals

(from: wikipedia - american sign language)

Italian: cavallo, pecora, anatra

German: Pferd, Schaf, Ente

Spanish: caballo, oveja, pato

French: French - cheval, mouton, canard