Sunday, January 1, 2017


We just learned about the person from the Bible Leah.

Another person from the Bible is Joseph.

Joseph was the favorite of Jacob's 12 sons, and he had given Joseph a nice coat with lots of colors.
His brothers were so jealous of him being the favorite that they kidnapped him and sold him to some travelers.
The traveler went to Egypt, where Joseph worked for him for a long time and did very well.

Joseph helped the Pharaoh of Egypt understand some of his dreams, and the Pharaoh was so happy he made Joseph very powerful, almost like a prince that was more powerful than anyone but the Pharaoh himself.

A great famine came long where no one could grow food in their farms, and Joseph had been wise and saved up food to help people survive.
His family came to visit him, and he gave them food and a new home to stay in so they would be protected from the famine.

(from: wikipedia - joseph (genesis))

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