Sunday, February 12, 2017


We just learned about the person from the Bible Samson.

Another person from the Bible was Ruth.

There once was a woman named Naomi, who had two sons.
Her sons married girls named Ruth and Orpah.
One day her husband and sons all died, and she was left with no family except Ruth and Orpah.
She told the two girls to go back to their homelands, but Ruth refused.
She stayed with Naomi to take care of her.

They moved to another land where a rich man named Boaz lived.
Ruth asked if she could work in the fields and pick up just the last little bits of crops that were left behind after everyone was done.
She did that over and over, and everyone saw how hard she worked to help gather small bits of crops so she could take care of her mother in law Naomi.
One day Boaz saw how hard Ruth worked, and he married her.
Boaz and Ruth had children, and Ruth was the Great Grandmother of David who would be King of Israel.

(from: wikipedia - book of ruth)

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