Sunday, February 5, 2017


We just learned about Gideon.

Another person from the Bible was Samson.

When Samson was growing up, he was told never to cut his hair and he would be strong.

He grew up to be so strong that he killed a lion with his bare hands, and he killed many people in a battle using just a jawbone of a donkey.

One day he got married to a woman named Delilah.
Her family did not like Samson, so they told her to find out how to beat him.

He tricked her and told her fake reasons, like that they could tie him down with seven fresh bowstrings, or new ropes, or to weave his hair and tie it with a pin.

Delilah got upset and so he finally told her that if his hair was cut he would be weak.
People came and cut his hair and then captured him and poked his eyes out.

The people that didn't like him brought him to a big palace to make fun of him.
They tied him to large pillars to watch him, and he prayed to God for strength.
God granted his wish, and he pulled on the pillars and the whole palace came crashing down on everyone.
Samson died but so did his enemies in the end.

(from: wikipedia - samson)

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