Monday, June 26, 2017


We just learned about the province of Alberta.

The next biggest province in Canada is Manitoba.

It is in the southern part, right in the middle, above North Dakota and Minnesota.

(from: wikipedia - manitoba)

The flag for the province is the flag called the red ensign, with the coat of arms also on it.
The red ensign is a flag used by the United Kingdom, and has the flag of Great Britain in the corner on top of a red background.

Long ago the flag for all of Canada looked like the Red Ensign, but then in 1965 Canada changed their national flag to be the maple leaf.
The people of Manitoba wanted to keep the red ensign as a flag to show that they still liked the United Kingdom, so they made it the flag of their province.

(from: wikipedia - flag of manitoba)

The seal of the province shows that many people came from Britain, and also some things from local Canada.
At the top is the cross of St. George for England, and the bottom has the bison on a rock with a green background for the nature of Canada.

(from: wikipedia - coat of arms of manitoba)

The arctic temperatures in Manitoba are perfect for many polar bears to live there.

(from: wikipedia - polar bear)

Winnipeg the capital of Manitoba, has a museum called the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

(from: wikipedia - canadian museum for human rights)

There is an old fort in Churchill called the Prince of Wales Fort

(from: wikipedia - prince of wales fort)

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