Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sternoclavicular Ligaments

We just learned about the Posterior Sacroiliac Ligament that connects your hip to your tailbone.

Another connective tissue way up by the shoulder is the Sternoclavicular Ligaments.

Remember the Sternum is the bone in the middle of your chest, and the Clavicle is the collar bone that connects the sternum to the shoulder.

There are 4 different Sternoclavicular ligaments, that connect to different parts of the body:

Anterior sternoclavicular (connects the clavicle to the front of the sternum)
Posterior sternoclavicular (connects the clavicle to the back of the sternum)
Interclavicular (connects the left and right clavicles)
Costoclavicular (connects the clavicle to the ribs)

(from: wikipedia - anterior sternoclavicular)

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