Monday, December 4, 2017

Baja California

We just learned about the Mexico State of Tamaulipas and the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains.

Another Mexico State is Baja California.

This state is just below the US State of California, and has small borders with the US state of Arizona, the Mexico State of Sonora to the East, and the Mexico state below it called Baja California Sur.

(from: wikipedia - baja california)

The coat of arms of Baja California has a sun for the state's energy.
There is a man holding a book and a woman holding a test tube, and together they are holding lightning bolts. This means that together culture a science can be powerful.
Below that there is a person with their arms stretched out around farms, factories, gears and fish.
All of that is for the different business in Baja California.
The words at the top say "Trabajo y Justicia Social" which means "Work and Social Justice".

(from: wikipedia - seal of baja california)

The busy city of San Diego in California is less than an hour away from the Mexico border, so many of the Baja California cities are right up next to the border of the US.

(from: wikipedia - baja california)

Tijuana is one of the biggest cities in Baja California, where they have the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) that has a large omnimax theater in a ball shaped building nicknamed "La Bola".

(from: wikipedia - tijuana cultural center)

The highest mountain peak on Baja California is the Picacho del Diablo, which means peak of the devil. It is also sometimes called Cerro de la Encantada, which means Hill of the Enchanted.

(from: wikipedia - picacho del diablo)

Guadalupe Island is an island in the Pacific on the west coast of Mexico. It is part of Baja California, and is the farthest west part of the whole country of Mexico.

(from: wikipedia - guadalupe island)

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