Monday, January 1, 2018


We just learned about the Mexico state of Hidalgo.

Another Mexico State is Sonora.

This state is on the north part of Mexico, bordering the US States of Arizona and New Mexico.
To the south is the Gulf of California.

(from: wikipedia - sonora)

The coat of arms of has a blue border, and the words "Estado de Sonora" which means "State of Sonora".
The top left has a mountain with a pick and shovel, for the mining in the state.
The top middle is a dancer doing a special Yaqui dance called the deer dance.
The top right shows some harvested crops, for the farms.
The bottom left is a bull for the ranches in the state.
The bottom right shows the coast with an island and a shark, over Tiburon Island, which means Shark Island.

(from: wikipedia - seal of sonora)

The Yaqui native people came from this state, and they have a well known dance called the Deer Dance, where they thank the deer for giving itself to nature so people can hunt it and have food.

(from: wikipedia - sonora)

The city of San Carlos is on the ocean, and has many nice rocks and marinas for people to visit.

(from: wikipedia - san carlos nuevo guaymas)

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