Saturday, January 20, 2018

Woman of Samaria - Rinehart

We just learned about the statue of Benjamin Franklin by Hiram Powers in the US in 1862.

Another neoclassical sculpture is the Woman of Samaria, sculpted by William Henry Rinehart in Washington DC, in 1859.

William Henry Rinehart was born in Maryland, and grew up as a farmer. When he was about 20 years old he got another job as a helper to a stone-cutter, where he studied sculpture.

At 30, he moved to Italy to learn more about sculpture, and did some marble reliefs. He came back to the US a few years later and opened his own studio where he made a lot of marble and bronze sculptures for the US Capitol of Washington D.C.

Eventually he moved back to Italy and lived the rest of his life in Rome.

This famous sculpture of his is of the woman in the book of John in the Bible who came to the well to get water, and she met Jesus.
He asks her to get him some water, and then tells her he can give her eternal life.

(from: wikipedia - william henry rinehart)

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