Saturday, June 23, 2018

Da Yu ding

We just learned about the Yixian glazed pottery luohans.

Another ancient Chinese sculpture is the Da Yu ding.

A ding is used for storage or for special ceremonies and rituals.

This bronze ding sculpture was made around 1000 BC in Shaanxi China.
It has patterns and animal faces engraved on it, and on the inside of the ding is carved a speech from the Chinese King Kang of Zhou.

The speech talks about a few things:
Don't drink too much wine.
People need to support the king.
Everyone should try to be like the king's old grandfather Nang Gong.
All of the stuff the military owns and who is in charge of it.
The ding was made for his grandfather Nang Gong.

In the old days during wars a lot of times old sculptures like this would get destroyed, so it is hard to know what happened long ago because the history was erased.
This ding was hidden many times through the years so it was able to save the history of the past.

(from: wikipedia - da yu ding)

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