Wednesday, June 20, 2018

White Spotted Octopus

We just learned about the Glass Squid.

Another cephalopod is the White Spotted Octopus, also known as the grass octopus or callistoctopus macropus.
It is red, with white spots and can grow to be about 5 feet wide.
If it gets scared, it's reds and whites will get very bright to try and scare off predators.

This octopus hunts its prey by wrapping its body around a big piece of coral, and then feeling around with its arms to try and find small fish or other animals that hide out in the coral.

Some other fish like groupers will follow this octopus around to try and catch fish that try to run away when the octopus comes to the coral to hunt.

(from: wikipedia - callistoctopus macropus)

White-spotted Octopus / Polvo da Noite HD - gogoimage

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