Saturday, August 18, 2018

Phoenix crown of Empress Xiaoduanxian

We just learned about the Shi Qiang Pan.

Another ancient Chinese work of art is the Phoenix crown of Empress Xiaoduanxian, made around 1500 AD in China.

In ancient times in China, queens brides and noble women would wear a special crown called Fengguan which means "phoenix crown".
The name comes from the phoenix decoration on the crown, made from feathers of the kingfisher bird.
There are also golden dragons, bearded pheasants, pearls and other gems.
Each crown was different and some would have more dragons or jewels based on how important the person was.

One of the fanciest phoenix crowns was from the Ming Empress Xiaoduanxian with 6 dragons, 3 phoenixes, 5,449 pearls, 71 rubies and 57 sapphires.
This kind of crown would weigh about five pounds.

(from: wikipedia - wang xijie)

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