Monday, August 6, 2018

Prague Castle

We just learned about Kronborg Castle.

Another ancient castle is Prague Castle, built around 870 AD in Prague.

This is the largest ancient castle in the world, taking up about 750,000 square feet.
It was the home for the kings of the land of Bohemia, the Roman emperors, and presidents of the country of Czechoslovakia.
The Bohemian crown jewels are in this castle inside a hidden room.

In 1618, a war started because of something called "defenestration" which means throwing someone out the window.
Some angry mobs came around and tried to throw some rulers out of a window 70 feet high, but the people lived, and other people fought back and started a war.

The castle complex is made up of many buildings, like 4 churches, 4 palaces, 9 gardens, several schools and houses, fountains, statues and even a vineyard for growing grapes to be made into wine.

(from: wikipedia - prague castle)

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