Sunday, September 30, 2018

Jason - bishop of Tarsus

We just learned about the Lucis - Bishop of Laodicea in Syria, one of the seventy disciples.

Another of the seventy was Jason - bishop of Tarsus.

Jason was talked about in the Bible as a person that helped out the Apostle Paul when he was in Thessalonica, because some people who did not like Jesus were angry with Paul for talking to people about Jesus.

Jason was born in Tarsus, and Paul gave him the job to try and help lead the church in Tarsus.

He traveled around to tell a lot of people about Jesus, and was thrown in jail in a place called Corfu.
The king there did not like people becoming Christian, so he fought with Jason and other disciples, but eventually the king became a Christian and then the disciples were free to live there and tell people about God.

(from: wikipedia - tarsus, mersin)

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