Saturday, September 1, 2018

Nestorian Stele

We just learned about the He Zun.

Another ancient Chinese work of art is the Nestorian Stele.

It has writing on it telling the story of Christian missionaries coming into China all the way back to 635 AD.
There was a time when people did not want Christians in China so they had to bury the tablet underground, and it was lost for about 800 years.

The sculpture is in Chinese and says it is for the "Memorial of the Propagation in China of the Luminous Religion from Daqin".
Daqin was the name of the Roman Empire.

On top of the tablet there is a sculpture of two dragons holding up a pearl.
Lots of Chinese artwork used dragons to show powerful or important things, and the pearl is probably from the Bible story saying that heaven is a precious treasure like a pearl.

There is also a cross and some clouds below the carvings.

(from: wikipedia - nestorian stele)

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