Saturday, December 1, 2018

Seated Yuima - Jōkei

We just learned about the Amitabha Triad of Jōdo-ji - Kaikei.

Another ancient Japanese sculpture is the Seated Yuima - Jōkei.

Yuima was another name used for Buddha long ago.

Jōkei was also from the Kei school, like Jōchō, Kōkei, Unkei and Kaikei.
He worked alongside Unkei, and some people believe that he may have also been Kōkei's son, just like Unkei was.

Jōkei carved this statue over 56 days out of colored wood, using a type of wood-block sculpture called yosegi.
You can see the chair that the Yuima is sitting in is made out of many small colored blocks.
The sculptures eyes are made out of sculpted crystal.

(from: wikipedia - jōkei (sculptor))

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