Saturday, December 8, 2018

Sahasrabhuja-arya-avalokiteśvara - Tankei

We just learned about the Seated Yuima by Jōkei.

Another famous Japanese sculpture is the Sahasrabhuja-arya-avalokiteśvara made by famous sculptor Tankei, some time around 1200 AD in the temple known as Sanjusangen-dō in Kyoto, Japan.

Tankei was also in the Kei school, just like Jōchō, Kōkei, Unkei, Kaikei and Jōkei.

Unkei was Tankei's father.

The sculpture is of one of the types of Buddha statues called the Avalokiteśvara who has a thousand arms to try and reach out and help everyone.

(from: wikipedia - tankei)

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