Monday, January 7, 2019

Castillo de Coca

We just learned about the Alhambra.

Another famous castle is Castillo de Coca, built in 1493 in Coca, Segovia, Spain.

This castle is special because it has a type of brick work called Mudejar.

There were people living in Spain that were from another country with very different styles.
Mudejar means "allowed to stay", and it was used for people that were from another country but were allowed to stay in Spain.
While they stayed there, some of the types of castles they made back home were made in Spain just like the Castillo de Coca.

The castle has a moat and a keep, and an outside wall around the main castle.
Inside the central keep is a 82 foot tower, and walkways around the top of the walls with all sorts of defenses for the people inside to use if they were being attacked from below.

(from: wikipedia - castillo de coca)

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