Monday, March 11, 2019

Castles and Palaces

We just learned about the Frankenstein Castle.

So far we've learned about a lot of castles and palaces, but what's the difference between a castle and a palace?

The word castle comes from the a word meaning "fortified place".
The word palace comes from the hill named "Palatine Hill" in Rome, where the Roman Emperor's lived.

A castle is a place that is fortified, which means it usually has big walls, or a moat, or other ways of protecting the people who live there form being attacked.
It's also the home of a royal person like a lord or noble.

A palace is a big fancy building, and usually the home of someone royal like a king, or bishop, but they are not usually fortified because people are always coming to visit.

Another building name was "fortress" which is kind of like a castle but usually not a home for a royal person.

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