Friday, March 29, 2019

Norwegian - Your food is hot

We just learned that in Norwegian:
This house is big: Dette huset er stort
This chair is small: Stolen er liten
My drink is cold: Min drikke er kald

Let's learn about more things we see every day.

To say your food is hot you would say Maten er varm.

Your food - Maten - sounds like mah-ten

is - er - sounds like eh-r

hot - varm - Sounds like vah-r-m

So all together Maten er varm sounds like mah-ten eh-r vah-r-m.

norwegian language
(from: wikipedia - norwegian language)

Greek: Το φαγητό είναι ζεστό (To fagitó eínai zestó)

ASL: Your food is hot

Italian: Il vostro cibo è caldo

German: Ihr Essen ist heiß

Spanish: Tu comida está caliente

French: Votre nourriture est chaud