Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Blue Button

We just learned about the Bahtrocyroe Fosteri jellyfish.

Another type of sea animal is a Blue Button, also called a Porpita porpita.

Even though this animal looks like a jellyfish, it is in a different family, called hydrozoans.

They live in the ocean in the warm waters by the equator.

The middle part of the blue button is called the float, and it is about one inch wide.
Around the edge are floating arms that look like tentacles, but each one of them is actually it's own animal called a hydroid.
You can almost think of it like a floating colony of ants, all hanging on to a raft.

These blue buttons just float along the ocean and eats on things even smaller than itself that are just floating around.
They do have a sting like a jellyfish, but it is only a little painful.

(from: wikipedia - porpita porpita)

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