Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Nerve Net

We just learned about the Jellyfish Stomach.

Another part of a jellyfish's body is the Nerve Net.

In humans, our nervous system is our brain which is in charge of the rest of our body, and then our spinal cord and nerves that sends messages back and forth to the brain.

In most jellyfish, they have a nerve net which is kind of like the nerves we have all over, but without the spinal cord or a brain.

The nerves are all hooked together, and if a jellyfish senses something near by the nerve net can send messages all over it's body for the whole jellyfish to swim or try to pull in it's oral arms.
But it doesn't really have any thinking to it, it is just a very quick and simple reaction to a feeling.

It's kind of like if you touch something really hot, your hand very quickly pulls away without really thinking about it.
But if you were like a jellyfish, then your hand would touch something hot but your whole body would pull away, arms, legs and all!

(from: wikipedia - nerve net)

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