Sunday, March 22, 2020

Christianity in Russia

We just learned about the Christianization of Poland.

Another part of early Christianity is Christianity in Russia.

The places that are now known as Russia, Ukraine and Belarus used to be called Kievan Rus.
In that country, people didn't really believe in God.
There were two rulers through the years that chose to become Christian and help the country become Christian.

Olga was the ruler of this country, and she went to visit the Christian emperor Constantine.
He baptised her and she became Christian and came back to try and make her whole country Christian.

Many years later her grandson Vladimir who was not a Christian wanted to know what other religions were out there, so he sent people out to go study in the nearby countries.
He decided that Christianity was the best, so he became a Christian and then sent his sons to all of the lands to build churches and teach people about Jesus.

(from: wikipedia - olga of kiev)

(from: wikipedia - vladimir the great)

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