Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Let's learn more about the Lymphatic System.

One of the first things to learn about the lymphatic system is Lymph.

The word lymph comes from an ancient Roman goddess of water named Lympha.

Lymph is a liquid that is sent all around the body in little tubes, a lot like blood is carried all over the body.

Every time the heart pumps it pushes blood out to all the parts of the body, and then pulls it back to the heart to get more oxygen and nutrients.
When the blood is pulled back, it leaves behind a lot of things like proteins and other liquids that just float around in the body.

The digestive system also leaves some things like fatty white liquids and other things behind after digestion.

Lymph is all of these left over liquids that get sent back around the body through the lymphatic system.
It can be made of proteins, fats, bacteria or other liquids.

(from: wikipedia - lymph)

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