Sunday, January 24, 2021

Believer's Baptism

We just learned about the French Wars of Religion.

Another part of early Christianity is Believer's Baptism.

After some other people started to change the way they worshipped God to be different than the Catholic church, another group of people believed that people should be baptised as adults, not as babies.

Some people in the church believed that baptism was for babies to be brought into God's family when they were little, and then the church would raise them as Christians until they were old enough to take on responsibility of church for themselves.

Other people believed that since babies could not make the choice that they should have to wait until they were older to make the decision to be baptised themselves.

Because people disagreed about this, some of the early people called anabaptists who thought this way were killed by church leaders who thought they were being bad.

Today there are other religions who baptise as adults, like Baptists, or Amish and other religions that baptsie as babies like Catholics or Lutherans.

(from: wikipedia - believer's baptism)

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