Saturday, January 2, 2021

Clown Tight Rope Walker - Louise Nevelson

We just learned about the Cubi VI by David Smith.

Another Clown Tight Rope Walker by Louise Nevelson in 1942 in New York.

Louise was born in the Ukraine, and moved with her family to Maine in 1905.
She studied some artwork in high school, and then later moved to New York where she got married and studied art more.

When she was young her father was a lumberjack, which gave her some interested in working with wood for her art.

In 1943 she put on an art show called "The Clown as the Center of his World" where she had many sculptures about circus things like clowns, and all of the art was made with found objects.

"Found Object" art, also called "objet trouvé" is when an artist takes something from the normal world like a shoe or a spoon and uses it as part of their sculpture.

(from: wikipedia - louise nevelson)

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