Monday, April 5, 2021


We just learned about the country of Montenegro

Let's learn a little about the country of Portugal!

This is a small country on the south west part of Europe, bordering Spain and the Atlantic ocean.
It is only about 35,000 square miles and has about 10 million people living there.
In Portugal they speak the Portuguese language.

(from: wikipedia - portugal)

The Portuguese flag is red and green, with the Portuguese coat of arms in the middle.
Green on the flag stands for hope, and red stands for the people who died to protect the country.

(from: wikipedia - flag of portugal)

To eat in Portugal you might have bacalhau, which is the Portuguese word for the Cod fish.
Because Portual is right on the ocean, they eat fish a lot, and people say they have so many ways to cook bacalhau that they could have a different recipe for every day of the year.

(from: wikipedia - bacalhau)

Visiting Portugal, you might go to the beach called Praia da Marinha. It is on the Atlantic ocean, and is surrounded by orange limestone cliffs.

(from: wikipedia - praia da marinha)

Soccer is also very popular in Portugal, as one of the most famous players in the world Cristiano Ronaldo is from Portugal.

(from: wikipedia - cristiano ronaldo)

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