Monday, April 19, 2021


We just learned about the country of San Marino

Let's learn a little about the country of Serbia!

This is a country in Europe that borders Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

It is about 34,000 square miles and about 7 million people live there.
Most people in the country speak the language Serbian.

(from: wikipedia - serbia)

The flag of Serbia is three sideways stripes of red, blue and white.
In the middle is the coat of arms, with the Serbian Eagle and Cross.

(from: wikipedia - flag of serbia)

Pie is very popular in Serbia, and they make pies with everything from apples, cherries and pumpkins, to meat, potatoes, walnuts, cheese or mushrooms.

(from: wikipedia - )

Visiting Serbia you might go see Stopića Cave, a 5,000 foot long cave that has waterfalls, rivers and hot springs.

(from: wikipedia - stopića cave)

Serbia was the home to ancient Roman emperors, and there are ruins of a palace called Gamzigrad that was built around 300 AD.

(from: wikipedia - gamzigrad)

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