Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Tufted Capuchin

We just learned about the Wedge Capped Capuchin.

Another kind of New World Monkey is the Tufted Capuchin also called the brown capuchin, black-capped capuchin, pin monkey, or sapajus apella.

This monkey lisves in South America and the Caribbean islands.
They mostly live in the trees and eat fruits and bugs.
Most of these monkeys will grow to be about 10 pounds and 2 feet long.

Tufted Capuchins are very smart, and have learned how to use tools for food and water.
They know how to take a rock and bang it against a nut to open it, or how to find something like a cup they can use to drink water.
Not many animals know how to do anything like this, so these monkeys are really smart!

(from: wikipedia - tufted capuchin)

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