Thursday, September 23, 2021

Computer Monitor

Let's learn some more about Computers!

One part of a computer is the Computer Monitor.

This is the part of the computer that you look at, that shows all of the pictures and videos that your computer puts on it.
Through the years computer monitors have changed a lot.
Long ago they only had a black background with white or green text.
Then later monitors could display every color, and also draw pictures on the screen for things like video games or office work.

For a long time, computer monitors were very big, using what were called Cathode Ray Tubes or CRTs to show things on the monitor.
They were later replaced by flat screen monitors, usually called Liquid Crystal Displays or LCD.
LCDs are much thinner, lighter, and usually taller and wider than the old CRT displays.
Some old CRTs could weigh 50 pounds, compared to an LCD with the same screen size weighing only 10 pounds.
Because flat screen monitors could be made so thin and light, people could make computers so small they could fit on your lap, called laptops!

(from: wikipedia - computer monitor)

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