Saturday, August 13, 2022

Portrait of Père Tanguy - Van Gogh

We just learned about Van Gogh's painting The Courtesan (after Eisen).

Another of his paintings was the Portrait of Père Tanguy, painted in 1887.

When Van Gogh moved from the Netherlands to France, he lived in Paris where he got to see a lot of different styles of paintings.
One of the art dealers that worked there was named Julien Tanguy. He was such a friendly person that people called him Pere Tanguy which means Father Tanguy.

Van Gogh made three different paintings of Tanguy, and his style changed a lot between each painting as he started to learn different types of art in Paris.

The first painting is mostly brown with just a little bit of color, making him look like a worker.
The second painting has a lot more colors, and other paintings in the background.
The third painting shows some of the impressionist and Japanese styles that he was learning in Paris.

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