Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Wedge-Capped Capuchin

We just learned about the Golden Lion Tamarin.

Another type of New World Monkey is the Wedge-Capped Capuchin, also called weeper capuchin or Cebus olivaceus.

These small monkeys grow to be about 6 pounds, and can grow to be over 30 years old.
They live in the forests of South America, jumping through the trees to get around.
Wedge-Capped Capuchins get their name from the dark fur on their head that makes it look like they are wearing a little hat or a cap.
For food these monkeys eat small animals like bugs or snails, and fruits or nuts.

One funny thing scientists saw is that sometimes these monkeys will rub themselves with millipedes on their fur, and people think the millipedes let out a chemical that works like bug spray for the monkeys.

(from: wikipedia - wedge-capped capuchin)

Wedge-Capped Capuchin - Thug Hamster

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