Friday, October 6, 2017

ASL - Fruit

We just learned how to say some drinks in ASL!

Let's learn how to say some fruits.

apple - Make the hand sign for X, with your hand closed and your index finger bent. Put the knuckle of your index finger up against your cheek and twist it a few times.

orange - We already learned that the sign for orange is to have your fist up by your face, like you are squishing an orange into your mouth.

banana - Put your left hand in front of you, and your index finger pointing up, like a banana. Using your other hand in a pinching shape, pretend like you are peeling the banana peels downward.

Here is a helpful video to show how these signs are done.

Fruit and Vegetables | ASL - American Sign Language - ASL THAT

(from: wikipedia - american sign language)

Italian: mela, orange, banana

German: Apfel, Orange, Banane

Spanish: manzana, naranja, banana

French: pomme, orange, banane