Friday, August 23, 2019

Norwegian - Counting to Seventy Nine

We counted to 69 in Norwegian, let's keep going!

70 sytti - sounds like seh-tee
71 sytti en - sounds like seh-tee ay-uhn
72 syttito - sounds like seh-tee too
73 syttitre - sounds like seh-tee t-day
74 sytti-fire - sounds like seh-tee fee-dah
75 syttifem - sounds like seh-tee fam
76 syttiseks - sounds like seh-tee seh-ks
77 sytti syv - sounds like seh-tee see-v
78 syttiåtte - sounds like seh-tee oh-tuh
79 syttini - sounds like seh-tee nee

norwegian language
(from: wikipedia - norwegian language)

Greek: εβδομήντα (evdomínta), εβδομήντα ένα (evdomínta éna), εβδομήντα δύο (evdomínta dýo), εβδομήντα τρεις (evdomínta treis), εβδομήντα τέσσερις (evdomínta tésseris), εβδομήντα πέντε (evdomínta pénte), εβδομήντα έξι (evdomínta éxi), εβδομήντα επτά (evdomínta eptá), εβδομήντα οκτώ (evdomínta októ), εβδομήντα εννέα (evdomínta ennéa)

ASL: seventy, seventy one, seventy two, seventy three, seventy four, seventy five, seventy six, seventy seven, seventy eight, seventy nine

Italian: settanta, settantuno, settantadue, settantatre, settantaquattro, settantacinque, settantasei, settantasette, settantotto, settantanove

German: siebzig, einundsiebzig, zweiundsiebzig, dreiundsiebzig, vierundsiebzig, fünfundsiebzig, sechsundsiebzig, siebenundsiebzig, achtundsiebzig, neunundsiebzig

Spanish: setenta, setenta y uno, setenta y dos, setenta y tres, setenta y cuatro, setenta y cinco, setenta y seis, setenta y siete, setenta y ocho, setenta y nueve

French: soixante-dix, soixante et onze, soixante-douze, soixante-treize, soixante-quatorze, soixante-quinze, soixante-seize, soixante dix sept, soixante dix huit, soixante dix neuf