Monday, September 9, 2013


Let's keep learning about the countries in Europe!

Last time we learned about Romania.

Next up is Austria.

Austria is a country just East of Italy, and South of Germany.
(from: wikipedia - austria)

For dinner in Austria, you might have a Wiener Schnitzel,
which is a flat piece of meat covered in breading.
wiener schnitzel
(from: wikipedia - austria)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from Austria was one of the
most famous musical composers to ever live.
wolfgang amadeus mozart
(from: wikipedia - wolfgang amadeus mozart)

A family of singers called the von Trapps were very famous through Austria,
and a movie called The Sound of Music was based on their life.

von trapp
(from: wikipedia - maria von trapp)

Sigmund Freud from Austria is a very famous scientists who studied the way people think,
which is called psychology.

sigmund freud
(from: wikipedia - austria)