Wednesday, September 4, 2013


We just learned about the Duck Billed Platypus.

Another fun animal is a Porcupine.

When you see a porcupine, it might look like a cute little animal,
but don't try to pet it unless you want to get poked!

Porcupines have quills, which look like long sharp needles that stick out from their backs.
The needles are actually made of keratin, the same as the spikes on a cat's tongue,
a turtle's shell, and rhino's horn.

The quills have little barbs on them, that are like small needles pointing the opposite way.
So when you get a porcupine quill stuck in you, it's really hard to get it out.
This helps the porcupine protect itself.

(from: wikipedia - porcupine)

What happens when a porcupine pokes itself?

The porcupines have antibiotic medicine built right into it's skin,
so even if it falls out of a tree and pokes itself with a quill, it will heal up fast!
porcupine quills
(from: wikipedia - porcupine)