Monday, September 23, 2013


Let's keep learning about the countries in Europe!

Last time we learned about Belgium.

Next up is Iceland.

Iceland is an Island out in the Atlantic Ocean, between Europe and North America.
(from: wikipedia - iceland)

For dinner in Iceland, you might have liver sausage called Lifrarpylsa.
(from: wikipedia - Þorramatur)

A geyser is a hole in the ground that shoots water up in the air.
One of the oldest geysers in the world is in Iceland, called Geysir.
(from: wikipedia - geysir)

There are over 200 volcanos in Iceland!
(from: wikipedia - Eyjafjallajökull)

Huldufólk is an Icelandic word that means "hidden people".
Long ago people believed that there were little elves living in Iceland, and people would even build tiny houses for them!
elf houses
(from: wikipedia - huldufólk)