Monday, January 6, 2014


We just learned about the country of .

The Philippines is a small island country in Asia east of China that is made up of 7,000 islands.
(from: wikipedia - philippines)

Halo halo is a type of dessert from the Philippines, made up mostly of fruits and nuts.
(from: wikipedia - halo-halo)

Manny "pacman" Pacquiao is a famous boxer from the Philippines.
manny pacquiao
(from: wikipedia - manny pacquiao)

There is an old farming area called the banaue rice terraces, where people farmed on a bunch of land that they shaped into steps.
rice terraces
(from: wikipedia - banaue rice terraces)

Over 20 years ago, a volcano called Mount Pinatubo erupted on the Philippines.
mount pinatubo eruption
(from: wikipedia - category:1991 eruption of mount pinatubo)

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