Friday, January 10, 2014

Spanish Alphabet - O P Q R RR S T U

We already learned Spanish A B C D E F G, and H I J K L LL M N Ñ.
Now let's learn about O P Q R RR S T U.

O - is called oh. The word hola sounds like oh-la
P - is called pay. The word pico sounds like pee-coh
Q - is called coo. The word que sounds like kay.
R - is called ay-day. The word para sounds like pah-dah.
RR - is called ay-d-d-day. It's like a longer version of ay-day. Making this song lounder is called rolling your tongue. It's tough, not everyone can do it! The word perro sounds like pay-d-d-oh.
S - is called ess-ay. The word siete sounds like see-et-ay.
T - is called tay. The word tio sounds like tee-oh.
U - is called oo (ryhmes with boo). The word tu sounds like too.

association of spanish language academies
(from: wikipedia - Association of Spanish Language Academies)

Do you remember how to say it in French?
French Alphabet - O P Q R S T U