Friday, January 3, 2014

Spanish Alphabet - H I J K L LL M N Ñ

We already learned Spanish A B C D E F G, now let's do H I J K L LL M N Ñ.

H - Sounds like ah-chay. The word hola sounds like oh-la
I - Sounds like ee. The word dinero sounds like dee-n-air-oh
J - Sounds like #ho-tah. The #h part is the sound someone might make before they spit, like hk. The word jugar sounds like #hoo-gar.
K - Sounds like kah. The word kilo sounds like kee-low.
L - Sounds like el-ay. The word leche sounds like lay-chay.
LL - Sounds like ay-yay. The word pollo sounds like poh-yo.
M - Sounds like em-ay. The word mucho sounds like moo-cho.
N - Sounds like en-ay. The word no sounds like no.
Ñ - Sounds like en-yay. The word niño sounds like neen-yo.

association of spanish language academies
(from: wikipedia - Association of Spanish Language Academies)

Do you remember how to say it in French?
French Alphabet - H I J K L M N