Monday, March 17, 2014


Lebanon is a small country in the Middle East in Asia, West of Syria.
(from: wikipedia - lebanon)

To eat in Lebanon you might have kibbeh nayyeh, which is uncooked lamb meat with spices.
kibbeh nayyeh
(from: wikipedia - kibbeh nayyeh)

A famous poet from Lebanon was Khalil Gibran. He was the third best selling poet of all time.
khalil gibran
(from: wikipedia - khalil gibran)

One of the largest ancient buildings is in the city of Baalbeck, a place called the Temple of Bacchus.
temple of bacchus
(from: wikipedia - temple of bacchus)

Through history, the cedar trees that grew in Lebanon were very important for making buildings, ships and even medicine. The cedar trees in Lebanon are still a symbol of the nation today.
cedar trees
(from: wikipedia - cedrus libani)

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