Monday, March 24, 2014

Sri Lanka

We just learned about the country of Lebanon.

Sri Lanka is a small country in Asia, just South of India.
sri lanka
(from: wikipedia - sri lanka)

To eat in Sri Lanka, you might have kiribath, which is a kind of rice pudding made with coconut milk.
(from: wikipedia - kiribath)

Cyril Ponnamperuma was a famous scientist from Sri Lanka that came to the United States to work on the space program at NASA.
cryil ponnamperuma
(from: wikipedia - cryil ponnamperuma)

Hundreds of years ago, a king built a palace inside a giant stone mountain, called Sigiriya.
(from: wikipedia - sigiriya)

The most popular sport in Sri Lanka is called cricket. It is a little like baseball, but the bat is much larger like a paddle.
(from: wikipedia - cricket)

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