Monday, March 10, 2014


We just learned about the country of Jordan.

Syria is a country in the Middle East in Asia, in between Turkey and Iraq.
(from: wikipedia - syria)

To eat in Syria, you might have some hummus which is a kind of dip people usually eat with pita bread.
(from: wikipedia - hummus)

The first woman to serve on the Supreme Court was Rosemary Barkett. Her parents were from Syria, and they migrated to the US when she was young.
rosemary barkett
(from: wikipedia - rosemary barkett)

In the city of Bosra there is an ancient arena called a coliseum where people could speak to large groups of people.
bosra coliseum
(from: wikipedia - bosra)

In the city of Hama there are giant waterwheels call norias, that were used to bring water from the river into the town.
hama norias
(from: wikipedia - norias of hama)

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