Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jesus' Miracles - Calming the storm

We've learned about Jesus' Miracles healing lepers, healing the blind, healing the paralyzed, healing women, healing on the sabbath, healing in a synagogue, healing a deaf and mute person, healing the centurion's servant, healing just by touching his cloak, raising the dead, turning water to wine, catching fish, feeding the multitude and walking on water.

Another miracle Jesus performed was when the apostles were in a boat in the water, Jesus was asleep in the boat.

While he was sleeping, a wild storm came along and was so big that there were waves crashing over the boat and the Apostles were afraid they might drown.

They woke Jesus up to see if he could help, and he got up and calmed the storm.
After the storm was calm, he told them that they should not have been afraid since he was in the boat, even though he was sleeping.
jesus calms the storm
(from: wikipedia - calming the storm)

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