Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jesus' Miracles - Feeding the multitude

We've learned about Jesus' Miracles healing lepers, healing the blind, healing the paralyzed, healing women, healing on the sabbath, healing in a synagogue, healing a deaf and mute person, healing the centurion's servant, healing just by touching his cloak, raising the dead, turning water to wine and catching fish.

Another miracle Jesus performed was when a crowd of people had followed him to be healed and hear him speak.
It got very late and the crowd was very hungry, so his apostles looked to see how much food they had.

They only had a few loaves of bread and a few fish, and there were thousands of people to feed!

Jesus told the apostles just to pass out the bread and fish to the people, and they were amazed when there was somehow enough food for everyone, and even some left over.
feeding the multitudes
(from: wikipedia - feeding the multitude)

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