Wednesday, May 7, 2014


We just learned about the Okapi.

The American robin is a small bird with a bright red chest that lives in North America.

The robin's song is a happy sounding whistle that sounds like they are saying "cheerily, cheer up, cheerio".
Robins like to get up very early to hunt for food, so you might hear them early in the morning. You're trying to sleep, but they're looking for worms to eat!

The robin is so well liked that it is the state bird of Connecticut, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Like many other birds, the robin flies south for the winter to stay warm, and comes back to the north when it is spring. Some people look at robins as one of the first signs of spring.

Robin eggs are a light blue color, so if you see light blue eggs in a nest or shells on the ground, you know they belonged to a robin!
(from: wikipedia - american robin)

robin's nest
(from: wikipedia - american robin)

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