Monday, May 5, 2014

South Africa

We just learned about the country of Democratic Republic of Congo.

South Africa is a country on the south part of the continent of Africa on the Pacific and Indian oceans.
south africa
(from: wikipedia - south africa)

To eat in South Africa you might have chakalaka, which is a kind of vegetable stew.
(from: wikipedia - chakalaka)

Nelson Mandela was a very famous person from Africa who helped lead the African people toward peace and equality.
nelson mandela
(from: wikipedia - nelson mandela)

Cape Town is a famous city in South Africa, with many natural wonders to see.
cape town
(from: wikipedia - cape town)

There many wild animals in South Africa, and people often go on trips there just to see the animals like the giraffes.
south african giraffe
(from: wikipedia - south african giraffe)

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