Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are furry little spiders that live mostly on the ground by themselves in the woods.

They might look a little scary, but they are very helpful as they eat lots of bugs like flies and mosquitos.
They are very good at hiding, and they hunt at night because of their good eyesight, so you really almost never will see them.

They have two big eyes, right above four smaller eyes.
wolf spider eyes
(from: wikipedia - wolf spider)

When wolf spiders lay eggs, they are very small and fragile. The mother wolf spider will user her spider silk to wrap all the eggs up in a sac, and carry them around to keep them safe.
wolf spider egg sac
(from: wikipedia - wolf spider)

Once the spider eggs hatch, the spider babies are still very tiny and fragile, so they climb up onto their mother's back, and the mother keeps them safe there while they are growing.
wolf spider babies
(from: wikipedia - wolf spider)

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