Monday, October 13, 2014


We've learned a lot about other countries like Liberia, let's learn a little about the different states in the United States of America.

Alabama is the first state alphabetically, so let's start with them.

0 Alabama is on the South part of the US, with one little part of the state sticking out and touching the Gulf of Mexico.
It's nicknames are the Yellowhammer State for the bird called the Yellowhammer, the Heart of Dixie because the name Dixie was a name for the southern states, and Cotton State because they grow lots of cotton.

Their state motto is Audemus jura nostra defendere which means We dare defend our rights.

(from: wikipedia - alabama)

The Alabama flag has a red X on a white background. The shape of the X on the flag is called a St. Andrew's Cross.
Since Alabama was one of the confederate states in the Civil War, the X was put on the flag to remember the old confederate flag which was a blue X on a red background.

(from: wikipedia - alabama)

Alabama's state seal shows the many important rivers that flow through the state, like the Tennessee River and Alabama River.
(from: wikipedia - alabama)
Since part of Alabama is on the ocean, seafood is very popular there, like shrimp.

(from: wikipedia - shrimp)

The Marshall Space Flight Center near the city of Huntsville Alabama is a place where NASA launches rockets, and even tested the Space Shuttle.

(from: wikipedia - marshall space flight center)

Long ago a woman named Helen Keller lived in Alabama. She was both blind and deaf.
People thought that she would never be able to do anything, but a teacher came along and showed her how to make words with her hands.
After that she went to college, and worked to help other people in the world.

(from: wikipedia - helen keller)

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