Monday, October 27, 2014


We just learned about the US State of Alaska

Let's learn about the US State of Arizona!

Arizona is a US state in the far southwestern part of the US.
It borders Mexico on the south side of the state.

It's sometimes called The Grand Canyon State and The Copper State
It's state motto is Ditat Deus, which means God Enriches.

(from: wikipedia - arizona)

Arizona's flag has 13 red and yellow stripes like sun's rays, for the 13 original states.
The red and yellow are for Arizona's sunsets.
There is a copper star for the mining, and the blue color is for the Colorado River.

(from: wikipedia - flag of arizona)

The state seal has the year 1912 when Arizona became a state, and a mountain range with the sun rising behind it.
It has water and a dam, with fields and orchards.
There are cows, and a miner with pick and shovel.

(from: wikipedia - seal of arizona)

The Grand Canyon is a gigantic deep long canyon in Arizona that many people travel to see the natural beauty.

(from: wikipedia - grand canyon)

In the northwest part of Arizona, there is a place called the Four Corners.
It is the spot where the states of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico all meet.
If you stand right on top of the four corners spot, you can be standing in four different states all at the same time.

(from: wikipedia - quadripoint)

There is a place in Arizona called the Petrified Forest. Some wood from a very old forest is so old that it has become hard like a rock, and you can find old logs that are just rocks like fossils!

(from: wikipedia - petrified forest national park)

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